Dive into Tomorrow: 3×3 Lab Future Sparks AI & Robotics Revolution

Hello everyone! Today, I’m excited to introduce you to the stimulating event “Let’s Work Robots with Generative AI!@3×3 Lab Future,” where the cutting edge of AI and robotics technology converge. Through this article, let’s explore together the possibilities that technological innovation can bring to our lives!

Event Overview

On December 6, 2023, the “Let’s Work Robots with Generative AI!@3×3 Lab Future” event was held at the innovative space “3×3 Lab Future” in Tokyo. It was an event to experience the future brought about by the fusion of AI and robotics technology. Jointly planned by DENSO and TMIP, it featured a futuristic demonstration where people could interact directly with AI robots and receive drink services. This demonstration was a valuable example of how AI can integrate into our daily lives, stimulating new business and research ideas for participants.

The Day of the Event

The venue for “Let’s Work Robots with Generative AI!@3×3 Lab Future” was overflowing with participants eager with anticipation. DENSO’s engineers provided detailed explanations about the technical aspects of Generative AI-Robots and how they could be integrated into our lives, answering questions from participants with care. Particularly impressive was the AI robot selecting and providing drinks tailored to the participants’ preferences. This interactive demonstration symbolized the new relationship between humans and the evolving AI.


Experts in AI and robotics technology shared deep insights into the concept of Generative AI and its applications. Participants had the opportunity to learn about the new world created by AI and consider how they could apply this knowledge to their own businesses or research. The tea service provided by Kenji Shintani added a pleasant atmosphere to the event, promoting interaction among participants.

Event Highlights

The highlight of the event was the drink service provided by the Generative AI-Robot. The robot selected the optimal drink from the choices available, according to each participant’s request, and handed it over personally. This process demonstrated that robots could be more than just machines; they could become partners integrated into our lives.


Participants provided a lot of positive feedback about the robot’s conversational abilities and its potential for everyday use. However, there were also suggestions for improvement in terms of operation speed and facial expression, which DENSO’s engineers promised to incorporate into the next update.

Through the event, we could glimpse how AI and robotics technology could integrate into our lives and create new value. Technological advancement continues unabated, shaping our future. This event was a step towards experiencing that future a little sooner. We hope that each participant will apply the knowledge and experience gained from this event in their own fields. The future starts here and now. Let’s look forward to the evolution of AI and robots!


“Let’s Work Robots with Generative AI!@3×3 Lab Future” was a valuable opportunity to experience the forefront of AI and robotics technology, stimulating new ideas for business and research among participants. Through this article, we hope to explore the future of AI and robots together and become a driving force for technological innovation. Why not experience the possibilities of AI and robots for yourself? The future begins here!