Perceive and proceed with purpose
/ 状況を見極め、自らの意志で踏み出す

“Generative AI Robot Technology” is a technology designed to enable robots to assess situations and act autonomously, achieving ‘advanced autonomous’.

Traditional robots were only functional within programmed environments and could not adapt to changes. With this technology that combines generative AI and cognitive AI, robots can now recognize their surroundings and make decisions on actions by selecting the appropriate skills based on the situation.

Robots are now capable of performing more complex tasks and can respond flexibly like humans, which broadens the range of their applications.

Converse and connect
/ ヒトと対話し、ヒトの良きパートナーになる

Dialogue between robots and humans is essential for building a relationship that goes beyond mere exchange of instructions. Autonomous robots can work alongside humans as partners. Humans and robots will not only coexist but will also be able to communicate with each other to achieve more efficient and creative tasks.

For example, robots will transcend their role as voice remotes and become independent entities capable of making judgments and solving problems, actively participating in human daily life and work. This evolution will transform the relationship between humans and robots into a richer and more collaborative one.

Beyond the device
/ デバイスに依存しない

We aim to achieve advanced automation with “Generative AI Robot Technology” across a diverse range of robotic forms. This includes not only humanoid robots and industrial robots but also service robots like cleaning robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), drones, and various other existing electronic devices. The technology will evolve these from mere machines into intelligent partners that provide optimal support.

This technology will naturally integrate into your life as part of it, making your daily routine richer and more comfortable. Wouldn’t you like to transform your own devices into ones that are tailored just for you?

Evolutionary Purpose / 存在する目的

“A society where humans and robots coexist, and humans can live more human-like lives with a sense of purpose.”

We are conducting technological development and information dissemination to realize this purpose of existence.