Revolutionizing Manufacturing: Embracing DX, Agile, Software First and GenerativeAI


I delivered a lecture at “Manufacturing World Kyushu,” one of the largest manufacturing exhibitions in Kyushu. In this article, I will introduce the content of the lecture and the atmosphere of the day in detail. I am sure that all readers will feel as if they were there. 

Lecture Title: 

Reconstructing the Status Quo with Digital as a Premise - Considering DX, Software First, Agile, and GenerativeAI Together 


In recent years, many companies have been working on DX, software first, and agile. Also, since this year, I believe that there are not a few people who are troubled by the response to GenerativeAI represented by ChatGPT. However, aren’t there cases where these four words have become objectives and have become individual efforts? In this lecture, I would like to think about the essence of these four words with you. 


In the lecture, I explained in detail the changes in the manufacturing industry, the necessity of automation, and the concept and features of robots incorporating GenerativeAI. The audience was very interested in hearing about the necessity of new “autonomous” and how robots incorporating GenerativeAI will transform the manufacturing industry. In particular, there was a lot of response to the point that robots incorporating GenerativeAI can freely replace people and robots by having a common interface with people. Also, the story that it is possible to realize a society where people can work like people provided a new perspective for the participants. 

About Manufacturing World Kyushu 2023: 

“Manufacturing World Kyushu” is one of the largest manufacturing exhibitions in Kyushu, where companies dealing with IT, DX products, parts, equipment, devices, and measurement products exhibit, and active business discussions are held with people from the design, development, manufacturing, production technology, purchasing, and information system departments of the manufacturing industry. 


In this lecture, I thought about the essence of DX, software first, agile, and generative AI, and explained how each contributes to the transformation of the manufacturing industry. By understanding these technologies and using them appropriately, the manufacturing industry can realize new automation and create a society where people can work like people. We will continue to use the latest technologies to pave the way for the future of the manufacturing industry.