Shaping the Future: EdgeTech+2023 Unveils the Synergy of GenerativeAI and Cobots

On November 16, 2023, a special keynote lecture on “GenerativeAI × Robot” was held at EdgeTech+2023 in Pacifico Yokohama. The lecture centered around keywords such as “manufacturing,” “autonomous,” “agile,” “cobot,” and “GenerativeAI.” For the first time in Japan, a demonstration was presented where a robot equipped with GenerativeAI and a human gave a joint presentation.


The Evolution of Autonomous: Creating a World Where Robots and Humans Work Together with GenerativeAI


In recent times, the manufacturing industry has increasingly required production systems that can adapt to rapid changes in demand due to diversifying values. Our company has been promoting “autonomous” within the Toyota production system through a “software-first” and “agile” approach. To further evolve, we are also working on flexible process automation and multi-skilling with “Cobot.”

To this end, we have actively begun utilizing “GenerativeAI.” In this lecture, we introduced specific examples of how “GenerativeAI and Cobot” can flexibly perform tasks and adapt to changes in processes. We also discussed the future of a society where not only in manufacturing but also people and robots work together.

We would like to explore the possibilities of the future with “GenerativeAI and Cobot” together with everyone.

The Day of the Lecture

The keynote lecture at EdgeTech+2023 became a stage for exploring the potential of “generative AI” and “collaborative robots” in shaping the future of manufacturing. The venue was so full that people were standing all around. About 100 attendees showed great interest in the technology that opens new horizons in automation.

Speakers (from left) Ikeda, Narisako, GenerativeAI Robot, Mizutani

Despite unexpected troubles in the live environment that required agile responses, the main presenter captivated the audience with skillful handling. As a result, the audience’s reaction exceeded expectations, reaffirming the importance of continuing to communicate information in this manner.

A robot powered by generative AI ringing a bell

We plan to continue actively providing information towards a future where "GenerativeAI" and "Cobot" work together. Finally, the success of this day demonstrates the high expectations society has for the advancement of automation and AI technology in manufacturing, and we are confident that our efforts are moving in the right direction.

About EdgeTech+

EdgeTech+ is an exhibition that provides the latest information on AI, IoT, and embedded technologies. It was held at Pacifico Yokohama from November 15 to 17, 2023. The number of attendees at the venue was 33,128, a significant increase from the previous year’s 22,081. There were also 21,862 online participants, bringing the total number of attendees to 54,990. The event aimed to connect keywords related to edge technology and business transformation, and many innovative ideas and technologies were introduced. EdgeTech+2023