Our Vision of Human-Robot Harmony

A New Coexistence of Humans and Robots

We have released a demo video utilizing autonomous mobile robots and articulated robots.

In this video, the robots take on the roles of waiter and barista, working together in collaboration.

Barista by Articulated Robot

Our articulated robot, capable of grasping and pressing buttons, fulfills the role of a barista by making coffee.

Waiter by Autonomous Mobile Robot

Furthermore, the autonomous mobile robot uses its ability to move items to designated locations to serve as a waiter, delivering the finished coffee to the customers’ tables.

Flexibility in Voice Collaboration Between Robots

Our barista robot and waiter robot interact with each other through voice, enabling collaboration between robots. This system is designed to provide coffee without changing the overall process, even if the barista robot or the waiter robot were replaced by humans.

Narrowing the Boundary Between Humans and Robots with Generative AI

We believe that by incorporating generative AI into robots, we can narrow the boundary between humans and robots, allowing for more natural collaboration. Robots can make situational judgments and decide on the next actions, paving the way for a future where robots are integrated into human-centric work processes.

The Future of Robot Utilization

We anticipate that this technology will not be limited to the cafe industry but will expand to many other industries.

For more information, visit the official DENSO Facebook page.